About the Municipality of Quinapondan

Municipality of Quinapondan,
Eastern Samar

The Municipality of Quinapondan is located at the southern portion of the Province of Eastern Samar. It is bounded by the North by the Municipality of Gen. MacArthur, to the East by the Municipality of Salcedo, to the South by the Leyte Gulf and the West by the Municipality of Giporlos. It has been re-created as a Municipality on October 17, 1946, by virtue of R.A. 61. The law however took effect in 1947.

Quinapondan is a 5th Class Municipality. It has 25 components barangay’s; five (5) in the upland, five along the national road, Eigth (8) along the coastal area and seven (7) in the poblacion.

Based on the consolidated Record of Barangay Inhabitants (RBI) conducted in 2021 the total population of this municipality counted to 15,982 an increase of 19.28 percent over CBMS 2015 Survey. It has a total land area of 8,423.380 hectares or 84.23 square kilometers.


Rice abounds in this municipality. That is why it is regarded as the rice granary in the southern part of the province. The main source of livelihood of its people is farming and fishing.

Employment opportunity is relatively difficult by which most degree holders tend to migrate and find their luck for greener pasture in bigger municipalities as well as in the cities or in other countries.

The MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT has total of 74 plantilla personnel. It is headed by the municipal mayor as the Chief Executive Officer. It has 14 line offices/departments working collectively to achieve the organizational goals and towards the realization of its mission and vision. At present, the human resources of MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF QUINAPONDAN is composed of 11 municipal elective officals including the mayor, vice mayor and members of the sanggunian, 63 rank and file regular plantilla personnel, 18 Day Care workers, 60 Barangay health workers, 25 barangay nutrition scholars and 179 emergency employees and Job Order laborers.