Barangay San Pedro

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Barangay San Pedro



Geographic Location and Population

Barangay San Pedro is an agricultural land with a total land area of 224 hectares. It is situated along the national highway with a 1.8-kilometer distance from Quinapondan municipal hall.

Population: 902. Number of households: 227. Neighbouring Barangays: Poblacion 6, Buenavista, Rizal, Poblacion 2.

Disaster Vulnerability
  • Flooding: Some areas surrounding the town proper have LOW to MODERATE susceptibility to flooding.
  • Storm Surge: Some portions in the western area near San Pedro Sabang Seas have low to moderate susceptibility to storm surge.
  • Landslide: Areas along low grounds have LOW to MODERATE susceptibility to rain-induced landslide.

What to do

Alert Level 0 (White Flag)

7 days before landfall, prompt the BDRRMC to call for a meeting and immediately activate its Emergency Response Committees. Through the barangay bandillo families should be preparing their Emergency Go Bags, people’s livelihood and properties. Stock filing of food, water, medicines and fuel.  Preparations in terms of funds of the BLGU the Quick Response Fund (QRF) from the BDRRM Fund. Coordination to the MDRRMC through the DEPED for the preparations of Evacuation Centers for school buildings and MSWD for the evacuation center and camp management.

Alert Level 1 (Yellow Flag)

3 days before landfall, BDRRMC to operate pre-emptive evacuation of high risk residents specifically the vulnerable sectors of People with Disability, Senior Citizen, Pregnant/Lactating Mothers and children at 0-5 yrs old, 6-12 yrs old and 13-17 yrs old to ensure orderly and safe evacuation. Securing of livelihood and properties and provision of evacuation sites of these assets.

Alert Level 2 (Orange Flag)

1 day before landfall,employ the Total Evacuation/Forced evacuation of the populace to the designated evacuation centers, Security provided to all evacuation sites and their assets.

Alert Level 3 (Red Flag)

Typhoon’s landfall, the community is expected to be already in placed at designated Evacuation Centers.

Safe Alert Level

1-2 days after the landfall, BDRRMC will launch clearing operation, damage assessment and need analysis (DANA), search and rescue and relief distribution. Safe Level Alert will be announced upon clearance by the BDRRMC and set the operation to bring the families back to their homes.