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For almost seven (7) decades now, people who live in the upland barangays, particularly Brgy. Anislag, Brgy. San Isidro and Brgy. Cagdaja crosses the Kadak-an River to deliver their commodities and farm products to the town of Quinapondan.

The River can be crossed by a habal-habal or a single motorcycle and 4wheeled vehicles on a fair day. But during rainy days when the water rises up, the river is no longer passable by motorcycles using the concrete pile of cement installed in the riverbank. They would use a bamboo raft pulled by groups of men in order to cross the river and the 4 wheeled vehicles will wait until the water subsides before they can cross.

Until finally, the difficult trick catches the attention of social media and the mainstream media particularly the GMA 7 which aired the sentiments of these people longing for a concrete bridge that will cater to the 3 upland barangays.

Mayor Rafael S. Asebias, the municipal mayor of Quinapondan told the news reporter that the LGU cannot fund the said construction of the bridge because Quinapondan has only 5 million annual local income. He added that he asked for assistance from the national government since he took office in the year 2016. Hopefully, the much-awaited bridge in Kadak-an River will be realized the soonest possible.