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During a sea-borne patrol operation conducted by the Quinapondan Municipal Police Station led by COP JOSE FORTUNATO LUMAIN at the Mantampok Fish Sanctuary on a sunny day of July 11, 2022, 5 dolphins were spotted gracefully swimming exposing the back fins as they arc through a long and slow motion as if they were enjoying the water at Quinapondan Bay.

The dolphin sightings induced a smile from the patrollers as it was their first time seeing dolphins in the municipal waters of Quinapondan. It only indicates that marine life in Quinapondan is healthy and abundant in fish because it attracts big fish such as dolphins for feeding.

On November 11, 2022, a whale shark or butanding was trapped in the Kansamal Reef and has been monitored by the MENRO headed by Engr. Felix John Bianes and the BFAR and QMPS. It was believed that the whale shark was only trapped during a high tide and was not able to go back to the ocean during low tide.

Whale sharks, even if they are the largest fish in the world are known as gentle giants because they only feed on plankton and small fish. OSLOB Cebu and DONSOL Sorsogon are known as a home of whale sharks to feed and breed and are a great tourist attraction in the area.

Hopefully, Quinapondan will be visited by whale sharks too often in order to attract tourists and visitors. It is very easy to distinguish a whale shark because of its white-spotted skin.