Kick-off Ceremony Marks the Beginning of Quinapondan’s 77th Founding Anniversary Celebrations

by | Oct 13, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The municipality of Quinapondan commenced its grand celebration in anticipation of its 77th Founding Anniversary with a vibrant Kick-off Ceremony held today, October 13, 2023. The event, hosted at the Quinapondan Municipal Plaza, set the stage for a week-long festivity that will culminate on October 17, 2023.

Last year’s defending champion, the Local Government Unit (LGU), took center stage as they prepared to defend their title against formidable opponents. Last year, the LGU emerged victorious in a friendly yet fiercely contested series of events that showcased the talents and skills of the LGU officials and employees. This year’s teams included the LGU Team led by Engr. Anacleto Terencio Jr., the National and Provincial Employees Team under the leadership of Ma. Adona Cristy Tan, the SK and Brgy. Officials Team led by Hon. Elmer Acebias and Hon. Glydel Gahoy, the QNHS Team headed by Sir Gary Paul Macasa, the QNHS Anislag Annex Team led by Sir Randy Macawile, and the DepEd Elementary Team led by Dr. Liza Gonzaga.

The kickoff ceremony was graced by the presence of Hon. Vice Mayor Leo Jasper Candido and other SB Members, who delivered a warm welcome message to all team participants. Vice Mayor Candido extended his greetings to the teams and emphasized the significance of the event in fostering camaraderie and unity within the community. In his speech, the Vice Mayor briefly recounted the history of Quinapondan, highlighting its founding on October 17, 1946, through a Presidential Decree. He emphasized the growth and development the municipality has undergone over the past 77 years, attributing much of its success to the collective efforts of the community.

The Kick-off Ceremony featured a colorful parade as team participants marched through the streets. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the teams, adorned in their respective colors, stood proud and ready for the competitions ahead. The kickoff ceremony was a symbolic gesture, marking the beginning of the anniversary celebrations and the start of friendly competitions that would showcase the talents and sportsmanship of Quinapondan’s different teams.

Following the kickoff ceremony, the teams enthusiastically engaged in a series of games and activities, promoting healthy competition and community bonding. As the Municipality of Quinapondan gears up for its 77th Founding Anniversary on October 17, 2023, the spirit of unity and celebration permeates the air, reminding everyone of the rich history and vibrant community that defines Quinapondan.