On-Going Road Opening Project in San Isidro FMR takes Center Stage in Quinapondan as Mayor Asebias Drives Progress

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Mayor's Office | 0 comments

In a significant stride toward enhanced connectivity and local development, the road opening project in San Isidro FMR (Farm-to-Market Road) is well underway, thanks to the combined efforts of the 2022 Enhanced Local Integration Program for Communist Rebels (ELCAC) and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Quinapondan. The driving force behind this endeavor is none other than the dynamic Municipal Mayor, Atty. Rafael S. Asebias.

The project, which is expected to significantly reduce travel time and improve transportation efficiency for farmers and residents in San Isidro, has been met with enthusiasm from the local community. Local residents are optimistic about the project’s impact on their daily lives. A farmer from San Isidro shared her excitement, saying, “This road will make a huge difference for us. It means we can get our products to the market faster, and that can make all the difference for our families.”

Mayor Asebias, known for his unwavering dedication to progress and community welfare, has been instrumental in securing the necessary funds and overseeing the smooth execution of the road opening project. In a statement, Mayor Asebias expressed his gratitude to both the national and local government units for recognizing the importance of infrastructure development in driving economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

“This road opening project is not just about laying down asphalt; it’s about connecting people, fostering economic opportunities, and ensuring that no community is left behind in our journey towards progress,” Mayor Asebias remarked during a recent visit to the construction site.

As the road opening project continues to progress, the residents of San Isidro and surrounding areas eagerly anticipate the tangible benefits that improved infrastructure will bring to their communities. The initiative stands as a shining example of effective collaboration between government entities, highlighting the potential for positive change when leaders like Mayor Asebias champion the cause of local development.