Quinapondan, Eastern Samar Recognized for Outstanding Peace and Order Performance in DILG’s 2022 Audit

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Mayor's Office | 0 comments

In a commendable display of effective governance and commitment to maintaining peace and order, Quinapondan, Eastern Samar received recognition as one of the functional Peace and Order Councils (POCs) in the 4th – 6th  class Municipality category. This prestigious award was bestowed upon Quinapondan alongside fellow Eastern Samar municipalities Oras and Salcedo.

The DILG Eastern Samar, in collaboration with various local government units, conducted a thorough assessment of peace and order initiatives throughout the province. Quinapondan’s noteworthy accomplishments in maintaining a safe and secure environment for its residents were pivotal in earning this distinction.

The Peace and Order Performance Audit evaluates various factors, including crime prevention programs, public safety measures, and community engagement initiatives. Quinapondan stood out for its innovative approaches to address local challenges and enhance the overall security of its residents.

Quinapondan’s success serves as inspiration for other municipalities to invest in comprehensive peace and order programs that involve collaboration between government agencies, law enforcement, and the active participation of the community. As Quinapondan celebrates this achievement, it stands as a shining example of effective local governance and community-driven initiatives that contribute to a safer and more secure Philippines.

The Municipal Mayor of Quinapondan Atty. Rafael S. Asebias expressed gratitude and pride in Quinapondan’s achievement, stating, “This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our local government, law enforcement agencies, and the active participation of our community members. We believe that a peaceful community is the foundation for progress and development.”