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In a significant stride towards digital inclusion and community engagement, Quinapondan has officially launched its official website at www.quinapondan.gov.ph on December 12, 2023 thru an announcement shared by USWAG QUINAPONDAN, the official facebook page of LGU Quinapondan. This initiative is part of the SHARPER Project, a collaborative effort led by the Philippine Disaster Resilience and Response Network (PDRRN) and Oxfam.

The SHARPER Project aims to enhance the resilience and preparedness of communities by leveraging digital platforms. Quinapondan was identified as one of the beneficiaries of this project, with a specific focus on creating a robust online presence. The website was developed through extensive consultations and the expertise of Mr. Vik Sapar, a seasoned professional in the field.

The Municipal Mayor, Atty. Rafael S. Asebias has entrusted Mr. Elizalde Abejero with the responsibility of being the focal person for the website. Mr. Abejero, being the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Officer of the municipality, expressed enthusiasm about the project, highlighting its potential to connect Quinapondan with a broader audience. The website will serve as a central hub for news and stories from Quinapondan, providing a platform for residents to stay informed about local events, initiatives, and important announcements.

The launch of the official website marks a significant step forward in Quinapondan’s journey towards a digitally connected and resilient future. It is expected to play a vital role in promoting transparency, community engagement, and providing a platform for the rich stories and developments within the municipality.

As Quinapondan embraces the opportunities offered by the digital age, this initiative stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of the community, working hand in hand with organizations like PDRRN, Oxfam, and dedicated individuals to build a brighter and more connected future for the town.

For questions and other concerns, please feel free to send us a message at hello@quinapondan.gov.ph or visit the official website.